Holly Austin found her style deep in the tropics of the Florida coast, where daily inspiration is as constant as the salty sea breeze. From glassy turquoise waves that melt into golden sands, to the vibrant flora, fauna, and folk that inhabit the land, there is a never-ending supply of subject matter just waiting to be captured on canvas.


      Beginning with watercolor, Holly’s artistic journey has taken her through acrylic and recently pastel, but for the past eight years, oil has been a steadfast and unwavering love. For Holly, each painting is its own little window into a special moment. Time and space hold their breath in celebration of serendipity; of life and color!


      Holly, intrigued by the play of light and shadow, is in constant pursuit of contrast. As it is in art, so it is in life; amidst a continuously evolving modern world, she has an avid appreciation for the antique. Intrigued by objects and places that sing of history, Holly finds contrast in life as well as in her paintings. Old fishing towns, rickety boats, and forgotten treasures of the coast all have her reaching for some juicy paints, eager brushes, and a blank canvas. For her, being an artist goes hand in hand with being an adventurer! The world has endless tales to tell and she is soaking up the stories in color.


      Though she is a Florida local, in recent travels Holly swapped her Atlantic coast for one with a bit more of a Mediterranean flavor. Italy is a treasure trove of artistic inspiration for Holly, most likely because the country’s rich cultural history is intertwined with her personal familial past. Descendent from Italian grandparents, Holly is enamored with this home away from home because when she is there, la vita è un sogno – life is a dream! For Holly though, life is a dream no matter where her travels take her, for as long as she has her paints with her, she holds stardust in her hands.